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Fisher & Paykel AirSpiral™ Heated Breathing Tubing

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Indications For Use

The MYAIRSPIRAL is for delivery of humidified respiratory gases. For use with myAirvo™ Series humidifiers in homes and long-term care facilities. For use at flows from 2 to 60 L/min depending on the patient interface. Compatible patient interfaces: nasal cannula, tracheostomy direct connection, mask adapter.


  • myAirvo Series humidifier (“myAirvo”) on a flatsurface.
  • OPT942/OPT942E/OPT944/OPT944E/OPT946/ OPT946E/OPT970/OPT970E/OPT980/OPT980E/ OPT316/OPT318 patient interfaces.
  • HC360/900PT290E chambers.
  • This product is not intended for use with any medication.
  • Drinkable tap water may be used with the Reusable Chamber (HC360).

CAUTION: Use only USP sterile/distilled water for inhalation, or equivalent when using the Auto-fill Chamber (900PT290E).

WARNING: Use of a non-approved accessory could impair performance or compromise safety.

Home And Long-Term Care Facility Use

  • This product is intended to be used for a maximum of 60 days for home and long-term care facility use, provided that the myAirvo cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed.
  • Do not soak, wash or sterilize.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect breathing tube to myAirvo.

Step 2: Make sure blue connector is fully located into place.

Step 3: Connect breathing tube to patient interface once the system has warmed up. Position breathing tube below patient interface so that condensate flows away from the patient.

Step 4: Connect breathing tube clip to patient clothing or bedding. Note: connecting to patient clothing may not be suitable for all patient groups.

More Information
Quantity No
Brand Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
Tubing Type Heated Tubing
Length 6 Foot Length Tubing
Lumen Type Corrugated Outer / Smooth Inner
Inside Diameter 22 mm I.D.
Other Information NonSterile

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