Bundles include:

Complete home oxygen system
  • Portable oxygen concentrator
  • Stationary oxygen concentrator
  • In-home setup
  • Membership Plus Program only available in bundles!

Here at Go2POC, we want you to feel confident in your purchase as well as offering you peace of mind through our Membership Program. We created the Membership Program to provide you with the option to maximize the life of your Portable Oxygen Concentrator. It’s your ticket to great savings.

How our Peace of Mind Membership works:

At time of purchase you can add the Peace of Mind Membership for $995. The Membership includes:

  • Extends your warranty to 5 years

  • 1 free standard POC battery (up to $350 value)

  • Loaner Portable Oxygen Concentrator in the event of a repair

  • Yearly supply of cannulas and tubing (24 per year)

  • 1 annual replacement filter (per request/as needed)

  • 1 sieve bed replacement after sieve bed warranty expires ($250 value)