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  • Save money on the purchase price - some top of the line units for less
  • Used briefly and well maintained
  • Warranty value from Go2POC
  • Go2POC has vetted and stand behind these units

pre-owned portable oxygen concentrator
Why Pre-Owned?

A pre-owned, gently used unit can save you BIG! We are talking hundreds of dollars difference for the same quality performance of a new unit.

portable oxygen concentrator warranty

Some oxygen concentrators still have the balance of the original manufacturer’s warranty left. This means if you purchase one of these warrantied units, the unit will be covered for all internal components not normal wear and tear or user tampering, environmental elements that could cause damage to the internal mechanisms and/or user damage accidental or otherwise.

Go2POC will provide a 30 Day Risk Free warranty. This warranty will allow the user to a return the unit if there is a mechanical issue and receive a replacement on us.

As Low As Policy

The “as low as price” is based on the type of unit you are considering. Keep in mind, stationary units are generally lower in price than portable oxygen concentrators. If you are considering a portable oxygen concentrator the as low as price will be higher. The prices of these units will vary based on availability and type of unit. We will only honor the quoted price at the time of the offer.

Prescription Requirement

A copy of the prescription must be faxed to 804-709-0231 before we will ship your concentrator. Please contact us directly if you are having difficulty obtaining a prescription.  For more on our Prescription requirements, please click here: Prescription Policy